Psychological crisis intervention

How to do Intervention in psychological crisis?

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Psychological crisis intervention
Psychological crisis intervention


  • Definition of crisis.
  • who can do crisis intervention.
  • origins of the crisis.
  • Psychological First Aid
By the following letter set out simply and briefly the psychological crises intervention , based on the definition of crisis, people who can do crisis intervention, origins of the crisis and finally exposing brief mind the steps to be taken into account psychological first aid. the aim of this slogan is to provide a mechanism of appropriation and discussion on the issue of crisis intervention. Psychological crisis intervention


Definition of a crisis

A crisis is an abrupt change or important in the development of some event modification and this can be both physical and symbolic, it is also a complicated situation or scarcity. Psychological crisis intervention
It is important to note that from the psychological point of view, crises are so common and necessary to develop a person, and not always is negative or so obvious issues, that is to say that any obstacle before us in life for small insignificant it may seem at first glance is a challenge, which if resolved and resinified not lead to a new stage of personal growth spiral. Psychological crisis intervention

Who can make crisis intervention

Intervention in crisis can make or make anyone, the only requirement is that they must be trained, meaning trained as gain knowledge and practice in the exercise of psychological first aid, it is important to note that the first 72 hours from the event so far that you contact the person, they will be decisive in the development or progression of a possible impairment of mental typePsychological crisis intervention


Origins of the crisis


We can start that most crises are framed within three elements, which are health, money and love; These three elements allow us to observe a number of circumstances actions and reactions of people in their daily lives. Psychological crisis intervention
A crisis has four elements that make itself a factor stressful and demanding, not only for the person who is going through right now, but also with people who are within their context or nearest network. Psychological crisis intervention
This means that every crisis should be actors, context and at least one subject and a problematic situation, this problematic situation has 4 times which are: Psychological crisis intervention
1. All starts when are person is hurt; We wound understand the sense of loss, despair or loneliness.
2. a second moment is when the person who has been hurt starts to offend other people, it is important to pay special attention to this this point because it will allow us to open up a scenario where we are not only talking about the person crisis, but as this person is generating crises around.
3. A third time is when either feel hurt and offend happens on a larger scale, which is bitter.Characterized by a search for people, whether consciously or unconsciously, they are passing them vulnerable or similar situations. Dropping the greatest possible pain discharge, ie the weight of their situation on them dropped to the point that manages to bring the person to a feeling of bitterness or responsibility for the situation of the other person.
4. and the fourth moment is characterized by the effect of spoiling process situations or events, ie this person will not only feel the three previous phases but now needs a communication out of what I can not express in words, translating what, in actions which may affect other much or equal to its current situation. Psychological crisis intervention
In short a crisis can be generated by factors such as health money or love facing a situation that requires tensions and generates stressors, so so we can identify four times as they are hurt, the offense, the bitter and spoil. This does not mean that this is linear but can move from one phase to another without requiring the chronology of these elements. Psychological crisis intervention
The following section presents a summary, a method called CLOSER which consists of a series of steps or processes that allow us to provide psychological first aid in a way that allows the person to express their problematic situation and thus their affective and emotional manifestation .

· Nvironment.
· C contact.
· E valuation.
· R emotional ECOVERY.
· C OMPREHENSION of the crisis.
· A ctivacion.
· E evaluation.

The first thing the caregiver or clinician must take into account in this method, is the environment which is immersed person is having communication contact two-way, meaning that it is both the sender and receiver, making this context a channel, It translates and transmits communicates. Psychological crisis intervention
It is also important the first contact or the contact itself with the person who is going through a crisis. It is important that the therapist or caregiver steps to establish rapport and empathy with the person.
At this moment it is important to process valuation and the valuation process is what we callexamenmental that is what is in which we can establish any possible disorder mental type passenger or stable person who is asking that aid, ie we will focus on the spatiotemporal location of the person, the most important thing in this case is initiated by this stage. Evaluation phase with questions such as Where was? Who is he? What happened to it? How do you feel?… Psychological crisis intervention
It is also important to begin the emotional recovery of the person and this is done to a greater extent, much is allowed to express or retell the situation which happened. Without interruption and without value judgments, and most importantly, prevent these prejudices generate grandstanding about the situation that the person is telling us. Psychological crisis intervention
At this moment it is important to create a strategy, as is the so-called scale or severity score your situation, ie that we can use similar scales which are used to locate the pain at the physiological level.
By identifying the subjectivity of the person’s understanding of pain, we can go to the activation of their support networks. Of course, this is having a fever and very delicate issue as to whether this context or is it support network which is allowing it to hold or prevail this crisis. Psychological crisis intervention
In a last but not least, we met the recovery and monitoring; it is important to give continuity to this process as many times what tends to manifest is overcoming a crisis … that is still present in their daily lives and can contribute to major crises in future times.
Points to consider
The most important point is to place the person in time, place and space; as this allows the caregiver or therapist, make decisions about activating your contact network having clear the significance level and the level of contribution to the subject, followed by this elect people or person that give us greater support to prevent vulnerability and lower risk levels of individuals in question. Psychological crisis intervention
As for the subject and crisis it is essential to identify risks and routes mechanisms of action which must be submitted that person. Yet should not set aside the own goal that generated the crisis. Psychological crisis intervention
Must ensure self-care and care of others. Under no circumstances should take unnecessary risks.Consider your personal skills.
Here you can see in the video tools and strategies on handling a crisis, especially the designation of loss.

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