Investor profile

Investor profile
Investor profile

Understand the need to know your investor profile, that is, each person, has personality characteristics, which must be taken into account at the time, to seek or select an investment, for this it is important to leave the psychology of money.

That is, before selecting a financial instrument to invest, it is essential to know what type of investment you are. In other words, investments must be chosen according to the profile of each one. Just as we do not feel comfortable with a certain type of clothing, investments must adjust to their personality traits.  Investor profile

In such a way, that the type of investment is determined according to the amount and type of risk that is willing to run.  Investor profile

But what is that about risk? The risk is the amount of money you are willing to lose per investment. That many unknowingly have had large amounts, without knowing that both the gain, and the loss, must have a stop per operation.  Investor profile

Several factors influence the profile of the investor:

• The age and time horizon of the investment, which determine how long you can wait for the investment of fruits.
• Desired profitability, performance expected to be obtained in the future of the investment.
• The financial obligations contracted, while the others have another, less ability to save.
• Income, both those received today, and those expected to be obtained.
• Heritage, which represents the financial support it has.
• Savings capacity, which allows you to take advantage of opportunities or face unexpected events.
• Tolerance to risk, how much is willing to risk.
• Financial knowledge, it is easier to invest in something known than in something unknown.
• Purpose of the investment, define in what the resources invested are used, for example, to buy a house or only if it is a surplus investment.

In this order of ideas, the risk you are willing to take at the time of investing will depend on a number of factors such as the child: the amount of the monthly income, the source of income, age, if you are single or you have family, which are the expectations of savings and the scheduled times, remember the importance of creating planning, systems according to your possibilities.  Investor profile

CAUTION: Never, for any reason, you must invest something necessary, for your basic expenses, without first having analyzed, your structure of income and expenses (balance sheet).   Investor profile

“The investment that is suitable for others may not be for you. Identify what your needs are and then build your investment portfolio. ” Investor profile

Next, the three types of investor profiles are described, take a page and a sphere and try to describe your profile, with the information that will be presented in this post. Remember that each investment establishment must apply an instrument that guides it in this area.   Investor profile

Conservative Profile Investor

This investor is characterized by being less risk tolerant and valuing security. Therefore, choose investment instruments that give you certainty that you will not lose part or all of the money you will invest (your capital). He does not care that the gains (yield) obtained are low.  Investor profile

Within this profile there can be all kinds of people, from young people with their first income and who, therefore, do not want to risk their savings; even those with families to maintain, or debts to cover, or retired people or to retire that do not want major worries.   Investor profile

He prefers to invest in debt instruments, such as debt securities, time deposits or savings accounts, because he can know how profitable they will be when they acquire them.  Investor profile

This may not be the strategy that maximizes the profitability of the investments, but it can be an alternative to save in the long term without major concerns about the movement of the instruments.

Moderate profile Investor

This investor is cautious with their decisions, but is willing to tolerate a moderate risk to increase their profits. Strive to maintain a balance between profitability and security.

Investors of this type are of different ages. These are usually people with stable incomes, who can be between moderate and high, parents with savings capacity.

It usually seeks to create a portfolio or investment portfolio that combines investments in debt instruments and capitalization.

Aggressive profile

Look for the highest possible returns, so you are willing to take the risk that is necessary. These are, for example, young investors, but they also have economic strength and income from moderate to high and single people or even without children, between 30 and 40 years of age.  Investor profile

This type of people prefer investment portfolios in which they combine capitalization funds, short-term debt and long-term debt. Being an aggressive investor can give good results, provided you are not investing the money of everyday expenses. It is not advisable to maintain this attitude of risk when you do not have sufficient solvency, or if you have important family commitments.  Investor profile

This class of investors runs risks in the markets and opts for the instruments that promise the highest profits, regardless of whether at a given moment they risk losing most of the investment.  Investor profile

In this sense, if this post that responds to “Profile of the investor” has been useful, we invite you to comment and share via email or social networks. Your opinions and contributions are of great importance to this community and enrich the debate.  Investor profile


Investor profile

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