Equality and Health Equity


A reflection for equality from inequalities.



Currently in Colombian culture, every day is greater the value assigned to the constructs of human sexuality and reproductiv a, as seen in themedia . An example of this may be the controversy caused by the primers ministry with reference to Equality and Health Equity . In addition to this, it is necessary to also consider the concept of gender from a complex look, which contains devices and biological elements (hormones, biological systems), psychological (emotions, attitudes, values, motivations) and social (through the process that allow learning expectations in values, attitudes and norms of social group).  Equality and Health Equity
To start this reflection based on the book Sexual and Reproductive Health: New Trends , Chapter One “Gender and sexual and reproductive health: an indispensable intersection” is necessary toconsider communication as a pillar process that serves as a mediator between thought and the act, ie between the desire, the erotic and the consummation of the act taking into account their life cycle. To such anextent that the free expression of the human being is allowed within society from an inclusive, changing look, dynamic no gender, but gender. Equality and Health Equity
This expression should be focused on exposure concerns, curiosities and anecdotes. Also, provide or build adequate mechanism for the need, the right of differentiation in society, allowing assimilation, mediated by a clear and assertive language, as mentioned by the author, should have points of intersection, which for Here are the sexual and reproductive rights(Lafaurie Villamil, 2015). Equality and Health Equity
All this together, is oriented to the role of gender visible, such as; the primary socialization space, because it is within the culture, where most bio influence development, social and psychosexual is perceived.Reflected in the quality of bonding, and this in turn by suitable attachment behaviors (reflected in the social expression built) which allow mediate between the demands and stressors of society. Equality and Health Equity
It is important to rescue the text concern that has the author, to make visible the need to build inclusive and differentiating theories towards women, political, economic, social, biological legal level from a complex and comprehensive view, where you can link different both private and state institutions, where equity takes the value that corresponds, and likewise that equality. Equality and Health Equity
Because of this approach is that taken as a thread component of sexuality “the influence of cultural and social expressions such as relational element in human sexuality” or put another way gender and health an inalienable intersection (from sexual rights and reproductive), since the importance of that influence is a certain way, step to understand their socio culture. Equality and Health Equity
In summary identifying specific roles in the development of human bond and society (understood as an assignment from within the family); in the “relational communicative” function, which can be evidenced through appropriate education, by social mechanisms; regarding the system of beliefs, myths, rituals, social and sexual values ​​that allow or facilitate, an assertive decision-making process about sexuality and reproductive health, with regard to the theory and gender. Equality and Health Equity
As defined by the World Health Organization (2006) incorporates the concepts of physical, emotional, mental and social well being related to sexuality, which highlights the importance of not seeing it from the side of the deficit or disease, that is not to take from dysfunction or impaired, but from the rights of human rights and enjoyment of being in constant dynamic society and peers. So that everyone [1] regardless of creed or orientation are respected and valued in the exercise of its powers. Equality and Health Equity
On the other hand Johnsen (2005) proposes a “pro-life” concept which is leading the enjoyment fully, as a synonym for life and thus can take into account both belief systems, like the political system a individual brings from the biopsychosocial, and these to account, are those that allow access to your enjoyment conception, freedom from gender.
So that one can speak of dimensions of sexual and reproductive health as: a) the constitutive rules (assign meaning) and b) regulatory rules (they are responsible for approving or rejecting an action). From the above is summarized in a semantic equation between signifier and signified, that society can provide that dynamic and how this process can be fair and equal gender in society. Equality and Health Equity
Continuing with the above, it is necessary to invite reflection on the concept of gender, as can be seen from the few who manage to produce so much interest and possibly cause both pleasure and anxiety, as is the control and expression human sexuality. Equality and Health Equity
In brief sexual and reproductive health, for this reflection is immersed in everything we do, we think or feel on the day. So that more work is needed in research and knowledge of it, in order to provide society with knowledge to understand their behavior in daily life, from gender perspective.  Equality and Health Equity
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[1] We needsee where the concept of all,is understandable to the practice of sexual and reproductive health, in the context of action.

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